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Solu-Cortef the Act-o-Vial inject instructions

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About this Publication

Solu-Cortef© the Act-o-Vial© emergency injection: illustrated instructions.


The Act-o-Vial is not available in the UK as the product distributed in Europe contains a banned additive, benzyl alcohol. However, it is now the standard form of injectable hydrocortisone sodium succinate distributed by Pfizer, the licence holder, in North America, Austalasia and mainland Europe. The product distributed in North America does not contain benzyl alcohol and some private clinics are importing this formulation to the UK. We publish these photo instructions on our website, for the benefit of our overseas members or anyone who has obtained a private prescription for an Act-o-Vial within the UK.


Please note that the ADSHG does not issue paper copies of the Act-o-Vial instructions with the injection kits on sale in the ADSHG web Shop.


The leaflet is ©ADSHG November 2015. It may be copied for personal use or by medical practitioners for the education of their patients. Otherwise it should not be reproduced without written permission of the ADSHG.

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