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How to access the forum

vsmith ADSHG Ops Manager
  • Here are some hints and tips for using our ADSHG forum.

Make sure you are on the right page to view our forum

Visit https://forum.addisonsdisease.org.uk/forums/

Ensure you sign in for access.

Update any bookmarks or shortcuts on your device to make sure you go to the correct link every time.


Make sure you're a member!

You won't be able to access all the forums if you're not an ADSHG member or your membership has expired. Join the ADSHG.


If you would like to check the status of your membership please contact our ADSHG Membership team via email at membership@addisons.org.uk


Check your password is correct

If you have lost your password, use our online forum password reset service


Check the email address we have for you is correct

Contact membership@addisons.org.uk to check we have the correct email address for you.


Ensure you can see all the forums - check that you have logged in

Ensure you login - by clicking the 'sign in' button at the top right corner of the page or by going to https://forum.addisonsdisease.org.uk/login/


Don't get lost

If you ever find yourself clicking a link and it takes you to www.addisons.org.uk/forums please click 'back' and ensure you're on forum.addisonsdisease.org.uk 


Make sure it all works  

Please let us know of any issues with posting or errors you're facing and we'll do everything we can to help. Contact Us page and let us know.


If you are still unable to access the forum

Please contact membership@addisons.org.uk and our membership team will help you to access your forum account.


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