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Addison's Disease Self-Help Group

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About this Publication

Addison's disease is a rare condition and ambulance crews, such as emergency care assistants & paramedics, may only ever see a few patients with the condition. This briefing pack details the nature of adrenal emergencies and the ambulance crew's role in handling them.


The ambulance briefing pack covers the following information

  1. Ambulance crew's role in pre‐hospital care
  2. Timelines for adrenal crisis
  3. Patient profiles
  4. Trigger factors for adrenal crisis
  5. Location for adrenal crisis onset & patient preparedness
  6. Causation
  7. “Hard case” scenario
  8. “Simple case” scenario
  9. Patient feedback
  10. Resources

The publication is © ADSHG May 2016. It may be copied for personal use or by medical practitioners for the education of their patients. Otherwise it should not be reproduced without written permission of the ADSHG

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