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Finally arrived in Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Hi all,


After 5 months in voluntary lockdown in my own home in Switzerland we have moved to Slovenia, where we will stay the rest of our life. The country stands in such a strong contrast to Switzerland, we are crying in turn at the fresh food, clean city, the friendly people. When you go to a public office, you are let in by security and you must leave at the exit door. Slovene people are reasonable, they respect social distancing, whereas Switzerland has got into a dirty country, we were shocked at the train station of Zurich, all dirty and nobody helping you. Before leaving I had to pay many bills, all fees. But through a British money exchange website I was able to purchase a new flat without paying Swiss banking fees. I had vacated my own apartment (property) on my own, I had been exhausted by the work, the daily cooking of this pesticide, genetically modified Swiss and expensive food. Here we are getting every day better. people are so friendly, we have found paradise.


Greetings from Slovenia



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So glad to hear your happy news Ruthy.

Wishing you all the best in your new home.


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Hi Ruthy


Ljubljana also made a good impression on me when I visited it a few years ago. If you discover an active Addison's group out there please let me know their contact person or give them my contact details - it would be good to add them to our list of European and international partners.


Best wishes


ADSHG European Liaison


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Good to hear things are improving for you Ruthy. I’ve always been interested in visiting Slovenia. It looks like a lovely country. Hopefully I’ll get to visit. Do let us know how you get on.



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