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ADSHG Newsletter 108 - June 2012

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Addison's Disease Self Help Group newsletter, issue 108, June 2012


Welcome to the summer 2012 newsletter.This issue features articles from two doctors, on some important aspects of our medication management. Dr Kristian Lovas of Bergen Medical School Norway, explains the implications of his research team’s recent fi ndings about how grapefruit juice and liquorice alter the influence of our hydrocortisone tablets on page 3. Then on page 11, Dr Rob Andrews of Bristol Medical School responds to the dilemmas posed by Andrew in Kuwait calling, where he describes the combined challenges of extreme heat and stress.


Page 1: Front page
Good stress, bad stress
With this issue


Page 2: From the President
About the money


Pages 3-4: Recent drug and research news
What is it about grapefruit juice and liquorice?
Once a day Plenadren: the latest news
Letter writing for nursing awarenss


Pages 5-9: Medical meetings
British Endocrine Societies conference report


Pages 10-12: Personal experience
Kuwait calling: heat+stress+
Travelling light
Nearly new baby


Page 13: Fundraising update
Ian's fundraising bit


Pages 14-15: Social reports
Jan's social corner
Regional meetings


Page 16: Back page

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